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  9/3/2017 The Path of the Cross

Jesus tells the disciples that he is going down a path which will lead to his humiliating death, but will also bring eternal life to all people. Peter says, “God forbid” because he is focused on the loss rather than the sacrificial gift. St. Paul lays out the path of the cross in ways which are applicable to our lives. We will find that they are not only impossible for us, but as Christians we often ignore some of the direction, just like Peter. Today we will consider how we are blessed to follow Jesus on this path.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  8/27/2017 Body, Mind, and Spirit

Faith as Jesus describes it is impossible for us to create on our own. On our own, we can’t put our needs of body, mind, and spirit aside in order to devote ourselves fully to the one who is Life and Truth. And yet we humans long for just that. In today’s lesson, St Paul speaks to those in whom the Spirit of Life has created faith in Jesus to give us direction, confidence, hope to devote ourself to Jesus in body, mind, and spirit.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Tom Norris
  8/20/2017 God Loves Foreigners

If nothing else, the Bible points out this fact about foreigners…all of us can be considered foreigners and God loves all of us. Similarly all of us have been disobedient to God and yet God is merciful to all of us. There is a tendency for people of all generations to proclaim, “God is on our side” for whatever political, personal, or social need they see as being right and/or important. Today we will consider how God is “on all sides” loving and forgiving all people.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  8/13/2017 Why Do We Doubt?

Sometimes we read this story and we see the amazing faith of Peter, who is willing to follow the call of Jesus and walk on the water. At those moments we yearn for a faith like this and we recognize that God gives us incredible faith in times of great need. However, other times we read the story and notice that Peter doubts and starts to struggle. We then think about the fact that there are times when we doubt God’s direction in our lives. Today we will consider how our lives on earth are filled with both moments, but we look forward to heaven where we will never doubt.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  6/18/2017 Jesus Dies for Powerless Sinners

We do not like to think of ourselves as powerless. At the same time, we recognize that our all-powerful God sent Jesus to rescue us from our time where we were both caught up in our sinfulness and powerless to help ourselves. Today we will consider both the hopeless feelings and the joy we share in Christ.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  6/11/2017 But Some Doubted

Sometimes Jesus’ followers struggle with doubt. What do our doubts mean about our faith? Do our doubts mean that we really aren’t very good followers? Do they mean that our salvation is in doubt? Today’s Gospel lesson contains a three words that get overshadowed by the “Great Commission” to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” But those three words might provide a key to greater confidence in Jesus even in the face of our doubts.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Tom Norris
  6/4/2017 The Holy Spirit Still Speaks

The interesting thing about human beings is that we like surprises, but we really want things to work the same way all the time. In other words, we want the Holy Spirit to provide “the Pentecost moment” to all of us. We want to see the tongues of fire and we want people to hear in their own languages. More than this, we want to be able to explain what is happening and see large numbers of people converted. Today we will consider that the Holy Spirit still speaks, in the same way as always, but not in the same way that we expect or desire.

Pentecost 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  5/28/2017 The Value of Glory

Jesus clearly states that he will be glorified by God, the Father. His disciples cannot imagine at this point his glory will come through his death on the cross. The cross was a place of humiliation and disgrace, not glory. Yet, Jesus understands the glory of God is the salvation God chooses to bestow upon the fallen creation. Jesus also understands that after he has brought salvation to the world, we will all need the protection of God from the evil one. We are thankful for Jesus’ prayer on our behalf.

Easter 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  5/21/2017 In Your Hearts Revere Christ as Lord

You may have heard someone say that faith is a “private matter.” It’s about you own internal life and is a matter of your opinion alone. The Apostle Peter disagrees. For him (and because of his life with Jesus), faith is personal, but never private. And since it is personal, it is to be lived with all of one’s heart.

Easter 2017 Pastor Tom Norris
  5/7/2017 Suffering Justly and Unjustly

We seem to be living in a world where the concept of just suffering is considered antiquated at best and offensive at worst. Most people seem to feel that any suffering at all should be banished from our lives, even when we have created the issue or problem that precipitated the suffering. The thought of unjust suffering is a reality, but is something we want to protest, fight against, and stop. Peter shares a different answer for Christians.

Easter 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne