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  4/2/2017 So That You May Believe

In order for Jesus to show he has the power over death, Jesus has to have a person who is dead. While that seems like a logical statement, Jesus came to the world so that all of creation would have life. Additionally, Lazarus is a dear friend and Jesus would have wanted to be with Lazarus in order to save him from death. Yet, if we look more deeply, we can see that Jesus is really living out the truth in front of his dearest friends. Death has no power over us. Death is not something to fear. We live forever in Christ in this world and the next.

Lent 2017 Pastor Jon Coyne
  3/26/2017 Children of Light

Children of Light - Jesus said, “If a blind man leads a blind man, they will fall into a pit,” (Matthew 15:14). This is an apt description of what happens as humans stumble around in the darkness without faith in Christ, and it leads to much suffering. Our God loves us, and has made us children of the Light in baptism so that no only can we walk in the light of Christ, but our very lives can be light in the darkness.

Lent 2017 Pastor Tom Norris
  3/6/2016 The Prodigal God

It has been a number of years since we read the book, The Prodigal God, together and heard a sermon series on each chapter. However, there are a number of lessons which have been imprinted on my mind since that new reading of this story. Today we will consider the role of each person in the story, but most importantly, the role of God who loves us with an extravagance so great we can never overestimate the love and forgiveness which is available to us in our lives.

Lent ( Feb. 14 - Mar. 13) Pastor Jon Coyne
3/22/2015 A Troubled Soul Responds…Mercifully

When Jesus says, “Now my soul is troubled,” we might be tempted to skip over this part of the Bible as quickly as possible. We want to think of Jesus as confident and secure. We want him to be a fearless leader. We want Jesus to show power more than compassion. However, there are good reasons for Jesus to feel troubled for creation. Helping the disciples and followers understand his journey is both important and impossible. They cannot accept the path of Jesus until after it has happened, yet their eternal lives rest in the reality of a journey only Jesus can see and accept.

Lent (February 22 - March 22) Pastor Jon Coyne
3/15/2015 Solve for n

Many people today have difficulty with the Christian teaching that Jesus is the way to salvation and life with God. After all, they reason there are many other religions in the world, and it seems arrogant to claim that Christians have some special access to God prohibited to adherents of other religions. Today’s Gospel lesson, a foundational text regarding God’s love and salvation, helps to answer that charge, and shows a hope for all people beyond any expectation.

Lent (February 22 - March 22) Pastor Tom Norris
3/8/2015 Garuna Foundation

Today we are blessed to welcome Rev. Jeff Ehlers, who is the founder of The Garuna Foundation. Garuna means Grace, Mercy, and Compassion in the Thai and Khmer languages. The mission of the Garuna Foundation is to support and encourage, through prayer and financial assistance, the proclamation of the grace, mercy and compassion (garuna) of Jesus Christ to the peoples of Thailand, Cambodia and surrounding countries.

Lent (February 22 - March 22) Pastor Jon Coyne
3/1/2015 Theology or Anthropology

In Lent, we return to the foundations of Christian faith... its either/or’s. In today’s Gospel lesson, Jesus states a stark either/or with which his disciples always struggle. It’s either the cross or no salvation. It’s either theology or anthropology.

Lent (February 22 - March 22) Pastor Tom Norris
2/22/2015 He Descended Into Hell

Peter tells us much about the death of Jesus and the impact of his death to bring us life. Peter writes, “He went and made a proclamation to the spirits in prison, who in former times did not obey, when God patiently waited in the days of Noah…” Today we will look at this passage, which we confess each week in the creed and consider what it means in light of the promise God made to Noah and to all people after the flood.

Lent (February 22 - March 22) Pastor Jon Coyne
12/28/2014 Poor in Worldly Goods, Rich in Wisdom and Grace

When Jesus is presented at the temple, there is an offering, which is the offering specifically allowed for poor couples who are making the offering for purification. In the midst of the celebration of Christmas, we notice the humble birth of Jesus, but may forget that all other aspects of his life were humble as well. Some of the disciples seem to have been from wealthier families, but the King of kings and Lord of lords came into the world with little wealth. Today we will consider how we spend our time, how use the blessings of wealth, and where God wants us to focus our lives.

Christmas Pastor Jon Coyne
4/20/2014 The Way to the Resurrection

The Way to the Resurrection (John 20:1-18) Jesus' words to Mary in today's Gospel lesson lead us to reflect on Jesus' interaction with Mary earlier in the Gospel... and help us to follow with Mary on the way to resurrection.

Easter (April 20 - June 1, 2014) Pastor Tom Norris
4/6/2014 Zombie Land

Zombie Land (Ezekiel 37:1-14) The idea of zombies (the living dead) has taken on a life of its own on college campuses, movies, and a recent hit television series. In order to enjoy a show with zombies, it is important to suspend all of your understanding of science and logic. In simplest terms, they are part of fantasy and there is a long history of fantasy in entertainment. However, the prophet Ezekiel is not speaking of fantasy when he shares the Word of God with Israel. The image of dry bones coming to life is one which should attract a generation of zombie watching people. This same image was very important to the people of Israel and to us.

Lent (March 9 - April 6, 2014) Pastor Jon Coyne
  3/30/2014 Muddy, Muddled, Miraculous

Muddy, Muddled, Miraculous: A Conversion Tale (John 9:1-41) On one level, this story is a muddy and messy healing by Jesus of a man born blind. Yet, on a deeper lever, this is about spiritual insight, conversion, and blindness. Jesus says that he is, "The Light of the World." His light shines in our hearts. It's miraculous, and a process with many muddled twists and turns.

Lent (March 9 - April 6, 2014) Pastor John Glover
  3/16/2014 He Came to Jesus at Night

He Came to Jesus at Night (John 3:1-17) Nicodemus came to Jesus under cover of darkness and full of doubts... and found light and life. It is the same for us. Though for many reasons we may be afraid and carrying doubts, Jesus meets us as the Light of the World and the Lord of Night with words of astonishing grace.

Lent (March 9 - April 6, 2014) Pastor Tom Norris